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The German printing press manufacturer Koenig & Bauer has recently added a new machine to its impressive portfolio of products. The C16 is described by the company as the “most productive and most highly automated rotary offset press for frequent job changes in the 16-page segment”. It uses Logotronic to allow integration with digital workflows as well as the EasyTronic press pre-setting system to ensure that waste is kept to a minimum. According to Koenig & Bauer the C16 “combines the proven technology of our popular Compacta 215 and the sophisticated innovation of our high-end Compacta 217” resulting in a versatile, competitively price machine with a number of new features.

These developments include:

  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic plate changing options
  • Flying imprint possibilities
  • KBA RollerTronic patented automatic roller bearings
  • Automatic press pre-setting with KBA LogoTronic
  • Job Management via KBA LogoTronic

The plate changing time of the C16 is less than a minute and it is capable of 55,000 and 65,000 cylinder revolutions an hour. As set-up times are quick, this allows small-volume printing runs to be carried out at a competitive price. It can be used for medium sized as well as large sized production runs too, making it a versatile piece of equipment to invest in. Other advantages include the fact that it is energy efficient and requires little maintenance work. The new machine also makes use of intelligent control technology. This means that operations are easy to carry out and that all parts of the production process can run smoothly.

BBR Graphics source, refurbish and sell used printing presses to the printing industry. We stock a range of Heidelberg machines as well as Man Roland, Mitsubishi, Ryobi, Komori and KBA presses. To speak to a member of our team about any of the products we supply, please get in touch today by calling 01924 263339.

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What Makes BBR Graphics Different?

10 months ago

BBR Graphics


2006 Masterwork MK 1050 MF

Machine has been fully refurbished.

Specification as follows:
1.Paper speed slow down at front guides for thin papers preventing curling.
2.Single-position engagement clutch for separate drive control of feeding and die-cuttings.
3.Selective push and pull side guides.
4.Pneumatic lock system for cutting chase.
5.Accurate cutting chase positioning system.
6.Motor assisted micro adjustment of pressure.
7.Patented gripper bars.
8.Centrallubrication system with cooler.
Maximum sheet size 1050mm x 750mm
Minimum sheet size 450mm x 370mm
Maximum die cutting size 1040mm x 740mm
Paper standard 0.1~ 2mm
Paper standard (Cardboard) corrugated board<=4mm
Max pressure protect system 260 T

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