BBR Graphics are making plans for Drupa International.

Drupa provides crucial impulses for print, media, packaging production, and industrial applications.

There’s no other industry event that has such great international appeal as the leading trade fair for printing technologies. More than half of its visitors come to Drupa with specific investment projects and we’re delighted to be there.

As the world’s leading trade fair for printing technologies it offers outstanding networking opportunities and potential for excellent business dealings.

Touch new business

Drupa is where innovations are brought into the market, new business models are developed, and new partnerships are formed.

The BBR Graphic sales team are already looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones.

You can meet the team here.

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What Makes BBR Graphics Different?

10 months ago

BBR Graphics


2006 Masterwork MK 1050 MF

Machine has been fully refurbished.

Specification as follows:
1.Paper speed slow down at front guides for thin papers preventing curling.
2.Single-position engagement clutch for separate drive control of feeding and die-cuttings.
3.Selective push and pull side guides.
4.Pneumatic lock system for cutting chase.
5.Accurate cutting chase positioning system.
6.Motor assisted micro adjustment of pressure.
7.Patented gripper bars.
8.Centrallubrication system with cooler.
Maximum sheet size 1050mm x 750mm
Minimum sheet size 450mm x 370mm
Maximum die cutting size 1040mm x 740mm
Paper standard 0.1~ 2mm
Paper standard (Cardboard) corrugated board<=4mm
Max pressure protect system 260 T

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