The BBR Graphics team are more than capable of meeting all your engineering needs. We pride ourselves on being able to handle everything from inspections to removals, servicing, repairs, maintenance and reconditioning.

Our skilled team of engineers have over 30 years’ experience and a wealth of technical knowledge of every type of press out there.

Each machine purchased for stock, or on behalf of a client, undergoes an extensive quality inspection.

Our engineers can be present should you choose to buy a press from BBR Graphics. This ensures that the equipment will be delivered in tip-top condition.

Comprehensive engineering service.

The ability to offer this comprehensive engineering service has never been as vital as it is now.

Our dedicated engineers must now handle the increased demands machines are placing on them. Demands such as longer working hours, more impressions and technical advances.

We are committed to progressing, this shown through our ongoing investment into our engineering resources. By doing this, we can offer a range of services to clients on a global scale.

We understand that buying a used press is a large investment for your business, it is our business is to eliminate all the uncertainty and risk for you.

Every press we sell is refurbished to the same unrivalled, guaranteed standards, with clear, laid down working practices and engineering protocols:

  • Rollers are automatically recovered
  • Fast-moving parts are replaced
  • Machines are stripped and thoroughly examined
  • Worn or suspect components are replaced
  • Presses will perform to original manufacturers standards
  • Presses are cleaned, restored and painted as new
  • Stock machines are print tested and inspected prior to purchase
What Makes BBR Graphics Different?
Latest Projects
Heidelberg XL106-5LX delivered to Denmark

Heidelberg XL106-5LX serial 001524 delivered to Denmark

Latest Projects
MK 1050 YM installed South Africa

BBR Graphics has just completed an install of a MK 1050 YM in South Africa to the delight of a very busy client.

Latest Projects
Bobst Sprintera 145 delivered to USA

Bobst Sprintera 145 Serial 56600802 delivered to USA

Latest Projects
Heidelberg Speedmaster 72V delivered to delighted Hong Kong Client

Heidelberg Speedmaster 72V Serial No: 533624 Specification: CP Tronic, CPC 1-04, Alcolor Damping, Baldwin Refrigeration & Re-circulation, Electronic Double Sheet Control, Electronic Side Lay Control, Grafix Exactomat Powder Spray, IR...

Latest Projects
Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102-5 refurbished for South Korean Client

Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102-5 Serial No: 539856 Specification: Autoplate, CP Tronic, CPC 1-04, Alcolor, Electronic Side Lay Control, Eltex Anti-static, Grafix Exatronic Powder Spray, Pre-loader, Pre-set, Technotrans Refrigeration & Re-circulation, Pallet...


About BBR Graphics

With over 30 years experience in the Industry our reputation for product knowledge, engineering excellence, customer service and support are second to none. Our customers recognise the added value that sets us apart from our competitors. They know we understand the risks and costs of inferior engineering. That’s why they rely on BBR’s dedicated, skilled, in-house team of professionals backed by the most comprehensive, contractually guaranteed customer care programme in the industry.


Installation of KBA 105U-6L (2004)

It is my pleasure to most highly recommend BBR Engineering to anyone seeking Professional Print Engineering services.

Over a period of many years working with the team from BBR Engineering, I have always been able to count on prompt and diligent service, expert advice and counsel, and steadfast results – without complication or unexpected cost impact.

Dave Ross and staff are highly skilled and effective engineers, with great attitudes and a work ethic which compliments their intense dedication to a demanding industry.

BBR Engineering’s high standard of excellence to any project and level of service to the client is unmatched.

In my 30 years of working within the print industry and working alongside print engineers, I have not yet had the pleasure of working with a more dedicated and energetic team.You only have to look round the BBR premises to see that you are dealing with proffessionals at every level.

As far as I am concerned BBR Engineering is absolutely the best in the business.

Andy Hooley, Operations Manager of Contact Print & Packaging, Installation Of KBA 105U-6L (2004)