David Braun, Managing Director of R Howard, Peterborough

Re: Installation of KBA 105-6L and relocation of complete printworks

From the initial discussions with the BBR sales team to the final installation of the KBA 105-6L CX (2004), I was impressed with the excellent customer service I received. 

BBR’s engineers did an excellent job of moving our complete factory from Lincolnshire to Peterborough, ensuring that from we were up and running again within 48 hours. BBR Graphics is the first company I would call when I need a machine. I would have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending their services to anyone!’

Andy Hooley, Operations Manager, Contact Print & Packaging

Re: Installation of KBA 105U-6L (2004)

It is my pleasure to most highly recommend BBR Engineering to anyone seeking Professional Print Engineering services. Over a period of many years working with the team from BBR Engineering, I have always been able to count on prompt and diligent service, expert advice and counsel, and steadfast results – without complication or unexpected cost impact.

Dave Ross and staff are highly skilled and effective engineers, with great attitudes and a work ethic which compliments their intense dedication to a demanding industry. BBR Engineering’s high standard of excellence to any project and level of service to the client is unmatched. In my 30 years of working within the print industry and working alongside print engineers, I have not yet had the pleasure of working with a more dedicated and energetic team.You only have to look round the BBR premises to see that you are dealing with proffessionals at every level. As far as I am concerned BBR Engineering is absolutely the best in the business.