Machinery Moves


BBR Graphics transport, storage and demonstration facilities are specialists in providing road haulage, storage, handling, factory movements and demonstration services located in West Yorkshire. Our transport and engineering division has earned an unrivalled reputation for machinery movement and engineering excellence worldwide over the last 30 years.

We have a comprehensive fleet of hiab vehicles, trucks, and fork lifts with some designed specifically to make the dismantling and loading of equipment quicker and safer.

Our drivers and engineers are experienced with all kinds of equipment movements which we do on a daily basis and their knowledge of loading and securing machinery is second to none.

May we take this opportunity of inviting anyone to visit our storage and engineering centre (located close to the M1 motorway) so that you may view for yourself our substantial facilities.

Equipment & Specification

Below are just some of the specialist step frame trailers with lorry mounted cranes, fork lift trucks and lifting equipment we can offer.

Crane Mounted Trailers:


with lifting capacity of 19.180kg at 5 metres and 7.065kg at 11.35 metres.


with lifting capacity of 17.500kg at 5 metres and 7.300kg at 8 metres.


with lifting capacity of 10tons at 5 metres and 5.100kg at 8.868 metres.

We transport machinery all across England and Europe.

Other Trailers Available:

  • Curtain Sider – step frame
  • Tilt Trailer
  • Flat Trailer
  • Extendable Trailer

We have a wide range of specialist fork trucks comprising of:

HOIST Lift truck

3 stage mast with a lifting capacity of 11.500kg also equipped with fork extensions and lifting jib.


3 stage mast with a lifting capacity of 8.000kg also equipped with fork extensions and lifting jib.


2 stage mast with a lifting capacity of 7.500kg also equipped with fork extensions and lifting jib.

Below are just some of the gantries we can offer:

  • Specialist 20ton – 3 stage hydraulic gantry with lift height of 5 metres
  • 10ton capacity hydraulic gantry
  • Other mechanical gantries of various height and weight

Health and Safety

Safety always has and always will be our highest priority here at BBR Graphics.

We have been lifting and handling heavy items on a daily basis for over 30 years. We fully adhere to the legislation which has been created to ensure that companies fulfil their responsibilities to provide a work place which is safe for all its employees, customers, contractors and the wider general public.

We have in place a comprehensive health and safety policy, which is available to clients along with generic and site specific method statements and risk assessments at any time. We can also provide training certification and plant inspection records along with detailed lifting plans if required.

We are constantly looking at technology to further reduce the risks and have invested in vehicles designed with safety in mind.

We are extremely proud of our excellent safety record and continue to do all we can to maintain it.

If you would like to get in touch, please call 01924 282308.